Empowering Education in the Digital Age

Proud Parent of 3

I have 3 kids in the school system and they all go to different schools. You would be amazed (maybe not) at how inefficient the district is at maintaining my information. It should not be this hard and yet there is a path forward. I have dealt with 2 different elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools (currently - 3rd in a few years). It is a disjointed mess.

Architect of Change

My day job is learning code and utilizing it to enable my customers to remove obstacles. My job is taking away menial tasks and giving them more time to do productive work. I want to leverage that experience to help make our school system more effective.Find or connect with me on LinkedIn to get more information.

Donate to Help

If you want to support my efforts to affect real change, please donate to help get me elected. We need change on the school board to make this happen. Please consider donating.